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The UQMI provides several types of program branches that may be described as either Certification Prep Courses or Certification Testing.  At the UQMI we realize that many individuals have acquired their knowledge through outside reading, practical experience or a combination.  Our Certification Model allows for students to take the Certification Exam at any point in time, should they feel prepared.  Or, they may elect to take a Certification Prep Course to address those areas where they may feel the need to improve their overall knowledge.  In any event, UQMI Certifications require the successful completion of a final exam to be accompanied by the successful execution of an real world application.  Project selection and approval is a joint decision between student, instructor and UQMI Board Member
The following Certifications are currently offered by the UQMI.  Students may elect to register to test and submit projects for each level.  Prep Courses are provided separately as requested by the student..

1.   Six Sigma Certification Status

1.1.         Certified Six Sigma Champion

1.2.         White Belt

1.3.         Yellow Belt

1.4.         Orange Belt

1.5.         Green Belt

1.6.         Black Belt – 1st Dan

1.7.         Black Belt – 2nd Dan – Sensei (instructor)

1.8.         Black Belt – 3rd Dan Master

1.9.         Black Belt – 4th Dan Grand Master

2.     Lean Certification Status

2.1.         Lean Deshi (student)

2.2.         Lean Practitioner

2.3.         Lean Specialist

2.4.         Lean Sensei (instructor)

2.5.         Lean  Master

2.6.         Lean  Grand Master

3.     Misc. Services

3.1.         Registered Quality Professional

3.2.         Certified Operational Excellence Manager

3.3.         Registered Quality Professional

3.4.         Certified Operational Excellence Manager

3.5.         UQMI Affiliation Membership

3.6.         UQMI Chapter Formation Review

3.7.         UQMI Course Review & Accreditation

3.8.         UQMI Approved Instructor

3.9.         UQMI Individual or Company Recognition



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Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification
This is a certification site to test the skills and knowledg...
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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification
This course is a test of the skills necessary to be certifie...
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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Prep
This course covers the essential skills required of a studen...
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Starting Your First Six Sigma Project
This course is intended to prepare new six sigma students to...
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The UQMI utilizes a variety of resources in order to provide the best opportunity for learning.  Students may select to form their own Study Groups for Certification Preparation or request a specific instructor or their choice.  Custom Instructors must elect to become UQMI Approved Instructors before conducting classes under the UQMI Name.  Our Online Platform is built to accommodate both Synchronous and Asynchronous Instruction.  Because we market to many international universities and students, we have learned that it is often useful to have pre-recorded courses to adjust for time zone differences.  However, we are always willing to communicate directly with our students live. 

If you are interested in becoming a Certified UQMI Instructor, please contact us at and submit a letter of interest.

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The UQMI is an international accreditation and certification organization that consist of members from a variety of industries and diverse occupations that share a common interest in a balanced approach to continuous improvement.  Dr. Daniel Stoelb founded the original organization in 1998 under the name of the Lean Manufacturing Consortium.  In 2009, the Lean Manufacturing Consortium merged with another organization, named the International Lean Association.  Dr. Ronald Fite would later become the President of the LMC in 2003 and President of the LMC in 2008.  By 2010, the LMC and ILA restructured under the name of The UNITED QUALITY MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (UQMI).

  The structure of our organization consist of a board chair and board of directors that represent a wide range of knowledge and experience.  These individuals come from manufacturing, consulting firms and academic backgrounds.

VISION: To provide a standardize approach for skill recognition in the area of Continuous Improvement for both Domestic and International groups.

MISSION: This will be accomplished by reviewing and accrediting of the courses offered by our Partner Members and the standardization of the certification and recognition process.