What is PEDAGOG?

PEDAGOG is the world’s first blockchain-powered online education platform. Our goal is to make learning fun and rewarding. That’s why we’re looking to provide our students with token based scholarships and game-like experience while learning.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a more secure database that allows people to send and receive cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The most interesting partof the Blockchain network is that no single person or authority has control over it. Instead, transactions are verified and confirmed by the online community! And, everybody has access to the same data. That means that as soon as a transaction is processed and confirmed, it appears on the Blockchain for all to see. PEDAGOG is looking to use Blockchain to issue scholarships, secure the video content of our instructors and provide certificates. Read more information about Blockchain here: What is Blockchain?

Why does this project need the Blockchain technology?

Blockchain places PEDAGOG are at an advantage over their competitors. How? By enabling us to introduce blockchain token-based scholarships and record our students’ achievements on the Blockchain database. Token rewards earned through the platform can be exchanged for digital goods or services. Sponsorships and reward distributions are made easy by using smart contracts. Blockchain allows sponsoring specific PEDAGOG courses. We are also searching for efficient ways to protect our instructors’ intellectual property of teachers by using Blockchain technology.

How PEDAGOG differs from other educational platforms?

PEDAGOG students have the opportunity to ‘earn as they learn’ due to the ability to apply for token-based scholarships through Blockchain technology. Taking courses that have a token scholarship provides the opportunity to earn PEDAGOG Tokens, which can be later exchanged for additional courses or traded for different currencies. You can read more about how to use PEDAGOG Tokens here. We are not only providing a marketplace for experienced instructors’ courses but also creating high-quality, interactive classes for our users to enjoy (have you tried out Space Doggos yet?)! PEDAGOG platform is offering a gamified experience to our users so they can stay more motivated to learn the necessary skills by engaging in a fun and rewarding learning environment.

PEDAGOG also has the ability to connect employers directly to talented students that have the potential to work for them. Corporate and private employers, HR companies, government and non-government organizations, other talent acquisition and talent growth structures can fund and create courses, establish scholarships and other rewards targeting specific topics and areas of study. Employers can acquire students, according to their needs. The students, on the other hand, enroll in these courses as future employees, gain skills and knowledge and eventually get a job at the course sponsor. You can read more about our Talent Acquisition Platform here.


How much does it cost to study on PEDAGOG?

At this moment, basic courses are offered for free. However, premium & advanced courses are paid. To get the best price you can pay for courses using the PEDAGOG token known as BDG (PEDAGOG Tokens): Learn How to Buy PEDAGOG Tokens. Independent teachers are able to set the price of their courses so course prices might vary.

Does PEDAGOG accept cryptocurrency payments?

Yes, we currently accept payments made in PEDAGOG Tokens (BDG), Ethereum(ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC). If you use PEDAGOG Tokens, you’re also able to get an additional 20% discount when buying courses.

Does PEDAGOG accept non-cryptocurrency payments?

Yes, it is possible to pay for PEDAGOG courses using PayPal or credit card.

How to buy courses with PEDAGOG tokens?

To be able to buy courses with PEDAGOG (BDG) tokens, you, first of all, must be our registered user. When you pick a course you want to enroll in and click on ‘Start Learning Now’, you’ll see a regular payment screen with an option to pay in BDG tokens – select this and click to checkout. Just because you’ll be paying in BDG tokens, you’ll get an extra 20% discount! Follow all the subsequent steps filling in the required details, use the generated transaction address in your crypto wallet, and send the required amount. When your blockchain transaction gets confirmed, check the tab ‘My Courses’ in your PEDAGOG profile and start learning. A more detailed tutorial on paying full price for courses in BDG tokens is here.

Also, you may use the tokens earned while learning on the gamified PEDAGOG platform to make up to 50% discount when paying for any course! At the checkout, find the ‘Additional Discount’ column next to the payment method, choose ‘Use BDG tokens,’ et voila!

Where can I store my PEDAGOG Tokens?

A blockchain wallet is needed in order to store BDG tokens. We recommend using MyEtherWallet and we also have a detailed guide explaining how to create and use a crypto wallet.

How to buy PEDAGOG courses using Ethereum (ETH)?

We’ve written a detailed guide on how to buy PEDAGOG courses using Ethereum (ETH). The guide teaches you how to buy Ether, where to store it and how to use it to purchase PEDAGOG courses.

How to buy PEDAGOG courses using Bitcoin (BTC)?

We’ve written a detailed guide on detailed guide on how to buy PEDAGOG courses using Bitcoin (BTC). The guide will teach you where and how to buy BTC, where to store it and how to use it on our platform.

It shows my transaction is waiting for confirmation, what does this mean?

When paying with cryptocurrency, there’s a verification period. If you see that your transaction is waiting for confirmation, do not worry. As soon as the counter reaches 20 for BDG or ETH payments and 6 for BTC payments, your course will be unlocked. We’ll send you an email when the process is done!

Are the courses membership-based or you have to pay for each course you take?

Currently, we’re offering paid & free courses. You need to buy each course individually. However, we’re looking into bundling options & alternatives to purchasing each course separately.


How will PEDAGOG ensure that students learned from a course online?

Students will be incentivized to do a peer-review process for assignments. PEDAGOG tokens are received for each peer-review that students submit. Proof of effort verification process is defined in our whitepaper. We’re also exploring payment models where students would do quizzes & additional assignments to get some amount of PEDAGOG Tokens back from their initial purchase. You can learn about these additional assignments in our blog post about PEDAGOG gamification features.

How many PEDAGOG tokens will students receive for a finished course?

The actual amount of token received for course completion is decided to depend on sponsors. The amount may vary on geolocation, language, and instructors.

Will the courses be available in different languages?

There will be courses in other languages in the future. Our goal is to educate as many people as possible. And we’re in the process of translating our content into multiple languages.

Is the platform also suitable to educate children?

Use of the platform and access to the online content and courses by anyone under the age of 16 is prohibited.

Will I get a scholarship?

PEDAGOG offers transparent Blockchain-based scholarships, but whether you will get a scholarship will depend on your application and the sponsors. We have prepared a detailed tutorial describing the whole scholarships process and you can read it here. You can find the application right here.

How can I earn from learning?

PEDAGOG is offering two types of scholarships (sponsored and Talent Acquisition), and token rewards to users that begin courses. It’s our mission to provide affordable & high-quality education to as many people as we can.

What is gamification in education?

Gamification is a way to make learning more interactive & fun. Game makers have spent years on trying to make their content more enjoyable for users. Rewards, achievements, and other features often associated with games can be used in education to increase motivation.

Read more about gamification here: Why is PEDAGOG Creating Gamified Courses

Is PEDAGOG planning to add other education fields in its platform?

At the moment, PEDAGOG is focusing on digital skills such as programming/design/business, and marketing. However, we are planning to add more education fields to our platform soon. Stay up to date by following our social media!


How do I sign-up and upload my course to your platform?

You can sign up as an instructor in the Instructor's area. After signing up, you'll be taken to an interface where you'll be able to upload your video content and fill out all of the required information needed to proceed.

How will I get 99% of revenue?

PEDAGOG is giving the opportunity for teachers to earn nearly the exact same amount of money that the students spend buying the course. There are no third-party involvements when dealing with cryptocurrency. And, the teacher is able to get up to 99% of the revenue from each course they sell. 1% of the income is used to cover administration costs.

How do I get paid?

At the moment, you can choose to receive the payment in PEDAGOG Tokens (BDG) or traditional currencies such as USD/EUR that would be sent to your PayPal account. Receiving BDG payments are instant and don't require for a 30 day “cool down period”.

What is “Instructor Revenue Share”?

The default instructor revenue share is 99%, but there are other options available on PEDAGOG, where teachers earn a lower income, but reach out to more students by using PEDAGOG partners or our ad program.

How can Blockchain help teachers in terms of security?

By using machine learning, Blockchain Technology, and timestamps, it's possible to create an automated service that would seek out copyrighted content and remove or report it. AI controlled bots would check with the Blockchain database to see who’s the original owner. Find more information about online content protection here: How Does Blockchain Help With Online Content Protection?

Can teachers see how well their courses are performing?

Teachers and instructors gain access to the exclusive PEDAGOG analytical dashboard. They're able to analyze how well their courses are performing by using the PEDAGOG topic research tool, student, and revenue report tools. These tools are free to use.

I saw some of the courses are labeled with the “FREE” price tag. Does it mean I can’t price my courses on your platform?

Instructors have an option to make courses free or paid. It is up to them how much they charge. The PEDAGOG dashboard also allows teachers to run special promotions and discounts for their courses. Teachers have full control over how much the course costs at any given time.

What courses can I upload? Are there any guidelines?

Currently, we’re accepting IT & Digital skills-related courses. All of the course material posted on our platform is firstly reviewed by the PEDAGOG team to make sure that the quality is up to our standards. Course guidelines are available at Instructor Academy and will have to be met when creating a course.