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The group founded by Mr. S John Rose during February 1976. There with, we excelled and ruled the Field of Power plants and technology, especially piston engine engineering with a skilled team of 15 members. Initially our Organization focused in the field of heavy-duty engineering, power plants, design construction, training and overhauling. Now proud to add a statement that our facility trained staff and our former employees are employed all over the globe in different part of science and technology. Last few decades we could be able to equip more than 500000 wonderful skilled engineers and young researchers to the society. Our group has the ambiance of engineering, technology, service, training, education, transport, shopping malls and research. We are associated with world leading research sector and contributed 100 plus research publications to the society.

Junior Diploma courses were set up as part of a skill development mission to fulfil the growing need across the globe for skilled manpower across sectors and narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills. There is a compelling need to launch a world-class skill development course in a mission mode that will address the challenge of imparting the skills required by a growing economy. Thereby our JUNIOR DIPLOMAS are designed in such a way, that a very beginner can take up the course and become an expert in that domain. Our diploma programmes can be taken by a 10 year kid and the same is not restricted to a 60 year old learner. 

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Jr. Diploma In Aeronautical Engineering
The course is designed to deliver the fundamentals of air ve...
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Jr. Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance
Jr. Diploma courses enhances the basic skills and helps buil...
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Our objective is to contribute significantly to the overall target of skilling up of people in the world, mainly by fostering basic and fundamental skills and to provide chance for the learner to be an expert in that skill.

Our mission is to upgrade skills to international standards through significant industry involvement and develop necessary frameworks for standards, curriculum and quality assurance.