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Jr. Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance

Jr. Diploma courses enhances the basic skills and helps build a strong foundation for anybody who desires to get equipped technically. The course is designed to deliver the fundamentals of aircraft, its function, components, construction and even maintenance.

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What I will learn?

    LIPS offers international junior diploma and skill enhancement courses which in turn help the aspirers become independent thinkers and encourage them to plan for their future.

    The course is designed for 30 hours including Self-assessment. The student shall be certified by Lips Research & DL Centre for Advanced Research & Development and European International University-Paris on completion of the course.

    The Course work includes:

    Unit I- Maintenance concepts, engineering license, job type, what is maintenance, systems approach, maintenance objectives, responsibilities of the maintenance department, types of maintenance systems, planned preventive maintenance (PPM), elements of PPM, implementation of PPM.

    Unit II- Inspection procedures, maintenance and troubleshooting, an inspection of all engine components, daily and routine checks, overhaul procedures, compression testing of cylinders, special inspection schedules, engine fuel control and exhaust systems, engine mount, and supercharger, checks and inspection procedures.

    Unit III- Functions of jet engine components, gas turbine engine inspection & checks, special inspection procedures, foreign object damage, blade damage, maintenance procedures of gas turbine engines, troubleshooting and rectification procedures, systems maintenance procedures, gas turbine testing procedures, storage of Engines, preservation, and de-preservation procedures.

    Unit IV- MRO, regulation of maintenance, responsibilities of airline operators, Routine scheduled maintenance, non-routine maintenance, an overhaul of airframes, A Check, B check, D check, C check Aircraft pressurization, emergency procedures, contract maintenance, engine testing procedures, and schedule preparation.

    Unit V- Engine overhaul procedures, inspections and cleaning of components, repairs schedules for overhaul, balancing of gas turbine components, troubleshooting, procedures for rectification, condition monitoring of the engine on the ground and at altitude, engine health monitoring, and corrective method.

    Enroll for ‘credit’ to receive certification on course completion.

Lessons for this course
1 Units
  •     Unit-1 Fundamentals of Maintenance 0
  •     Unit-2 Inspection and Troubleshooting 0
  •     Unit-3 Inspection of Jet Engine Aircraft 0
  •     Unit-4 Aircraft Engine Maintenance Procedure 0
  •     Unit-5 Engine Overhaul Procedures 0
  •     Self-Assessment 0
  • No Requirements
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Course Objective

Junior Diploma courses were set up as part of a skill development mission to fulfil the growing need across the globe for skilled manpower across sectors and narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills. There is a compelling need to launch a world-class skill development course in a mission mode that will address the challenge of imparting the skills required by a growing economy. Thereby our JUNIOR DIPLOMAS are designed in such a way, that a very beginner can take up the course and become an expert in that domain. Our diploma programmes can be taken by a 10-year kid and the same is not restricted to a 60-year-old learner.

There is no age limit to gain knowledge! One course may elevate your career!!

 The programme structure enables the students to:

·      Visualize the basic concepts of the maintenance and repair of both piston and jet aero engines. Memorize the procedures followed for overhaul of aero engines.

·      Understand aircraft component disassembly, reassembly and troubleshooting.

·      To learn the concept of measurement, error estimation and classification of aviation instrumentation and displays.

·      Understand the nature of airframe structural component inspection, corrosion repair and non-destructive inspection.

·      Understand general airframe structural repairs, the structural repair manual and the structural control programme.

Course Experts:

·      Ms Jyothi NT, President LIPS Research Foundation, Director DL CARD

·      Dr JV Muruga lal Jeyan, Advisor LIPS Research Foundation

About the institution
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LIPS Research & DL Centre for Advanced Research & Development
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About institution

Our objective is to contribute significantly to the overall target of skilling up of people in the world, mainly by fostering basic and fundamental skills and to provide chance for the learner to be an expert in that skill.

Our mission is to upgrade skills to international standards through significant industry involvement and develop necessary frameworks for standards, curriculum and quality assurance.

Student feedback
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Jack T

02:00:00 AM 2023-03-08

Im so happy to buy this course for my child. Honestly, it was the best decision. It feels great to see your young one talking about aircraft and its components with his friends rather than the usual age-related stuff.. and the confidence that's reflected when he shows his Jr. Diploma certificate by EIU-PAris to everyone around. I'm sure this is the beginning of his journey towards Engineering. Thankyou so much Pedagog for such amazing kids content.



05:00:00 AM 2023-03-05

Very interesting course. Really helped me support my project.


Alexandra H

02:00:00 AM 2023-03-09

My daughter chose this course to learn a new skill during her school break. I must say i am so happy over her choice. I along with my whole family learned so much from this course as well. Thankyou Pedagog. please have more of such skill-based courses for kids. We have already done the aircraft engineering course. My daughter Proudly flaunts her Jr. Diploma certificates from EIU-Paris


Mishty Jindal

10:00:00 AM 2023-02-28

Very comprehensive and interesting course. really enjoyed learning a new skill and the Jr. Diploma added to it. 👍👍👍👍


Arthur smith

06:00:00 PM 2023-03-01

I scored full in assessment and I got my first certificate from an international university. also, its so cool to know all about aircraft and its maintenance.. all my friends also want to do it. ✌✌👍👍👍



02:00:00 AM 2023-03-02

i completed the course in one sitting.. it was so interesting that i cudnt leave it inbetween... i also received my Jr. Diploma certificates from EIU-Paris n LIPS in only two days of completion. Cool👍👍👍



07:00:00 PM 2023-01-03

when our school referred this jr. Diploma courses for holidays we thought it must be regular boring course and we all were apprehensive. but then it turned out to be so valuable and interesting. i feel equipped with such vast information on aircrafts and proud that i learned a new skill so easily. my parents who were always so annoyed about my screen time are now encouraging me to learn more such skills through online courses. Thankyou Pedagog and please have more such courses which we can easily afford.



02:00:00 AM 2023-01-10


Ravivarma Palani

09:26:56 AM 2024-03-22

I'm so happy with course and can understand myself only 30 hours to study up And I get my diploma by pedagog

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