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Master of Science (MS) In Mental Health Psychology

Mental health psychologists are concerned with how to maintain healthy psychological functions and human behaviours. This programme will teach you how to examine and determine healthy traits, and become an effective practitioner. You’ll be able to apply your expertise in a broad range of clinical, social, and healthcare contexts. Alternatively, you could work in community contexts, providing support services to individuals and families.

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What I will learn?

    M.S. Mental Health Psychology from EIU-Paris is a 100% online learning and assessment programme. It consists of 13 modules including a 5,000-word capstone project paper.

    Duration: The programme can be completed at your own pace within 12-18 months.

    The structure of the Programme is as follows:

    1.    For each module, visit the accompanying open-source link provided.

    2.    Sign up for the course in the open source.

    3.    Complete the course.

    4.    Obtain the FREE Statement of Participation on completion of each course.

    5.    Complete the EIU Assignment given in each module based on the learning from the open-source course.

    6.    Upload the Statement of Participation (open source) + EIU Assignment, through the Assignment Lesson of each module for grading.

    7.    100% completion of all courses in open-source (statement of participation for each course) and assignment submission of all modules therein is required for the successful completion of Master of Science (MS) in Mental Health Psychology programme from European International University, Paris.

    8.    Complete a 5,000-word capstone project paper.

    Disclaimer: OpenLearn (open-source) is a multi-award-winning learning resources provider, based out of the United Kingdom. The European International University (EIU) utilizes learning resources from the OpenLearn platform as the material provided therein is of high quality, both academically, as well as in terms of practical application in day-to-day life and professional careers. EIU students obtain EIU academic credits (ECTS equivalent) for completing courses on the OpenLearn platform, in addition to submission of EIU assignments on the Pedagog Platform. Consequently, the successful completion of all 13 modules (mentioned in COURSES FOR THIS DEGREE) leads to certification in Master of Science (MS) in Mental Health Psychology from European International University (EIU-Paris).

    Start the programme by buying the 1st module listed in COURSES FOR THIS DEGREE below & finish the course by completing all 13 modules.

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  • 1.       Recognized Bachelor's Degree in any field or a recognized Post Graduate Diploma (PGD-Level 7 equivalent) in Psychology, Counseling, Mental Health, Social Work, or related areas of study.

    2.       Sufficient English language proficiency. 

    3.       Learners should possess a high level of motivation and self-discipline.

    4.       Learners must possess basic smartphone or computer operating knowledge and skills.

    5.       Applicants should possess at least one (1) year of professional working experience in the field of Psychology, Counseling, Mental Health, Social Work, or related areas of work.

    6.       Mature and high-potential candidates without the required educational qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case evaluation basis only. (Mail: for consideration)  

    THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED FOR APPLYING TO Master of Science (MS) in Mental Health Psychology:

    1.    Education Certificates

    2.    Latest CV / Résumé

    3.    Personal Statement (500 words)

    4.    Passport Copy or any Government issued ID

    5.    Passport Size Photo (jpg. format)

    6.    EIU-Paris Application Form (download from Institution Verification Tab in your dashboard)


    Please Note: You will receive the 'Acceptance Letter' by European InternationalUniversity, Paris, within 8-10 working days, in the same 'Institution Verification Tab' in your dashboard, after your documents have been approved by the university. 

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Course Objective

Despite an increase in scientific productivity and material success, statistics show that the rate of mental disturbances in terms of suicide, Alcoholism, Drugs, Marital Breakdown, and the like are increasing at an alarming rate. It would seem that as the material comforts of life have increased, mental health is deteriorating. Mental health is achieved if a man develops into full maturity according to the characteristics and laws of human nature. Mental illness is resultant of the failure of such development.

The demand for professional counseling is on the rise. Alongside this, the practice of professional counseling in the 21st century is faced with challenges and opportunities on many fronts. The counselor, whose working environment may range from clinic to school to private practice, will face a wide variety of counseling concerns and a vast client population. Hence MS Mental Health Psychology Degree programme from EIU-Paris is the best investment in your future and your career success giving you expertise, confidence, and Vigour.

 All you have to do is to enrol today—the time will fly by, and the rewards will be great.

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Student feedback
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JAcob Mathew

02:00:00 AM 2023-02-06

I enjoyed The research project module. This was the best learning experience ever.



04:00:00 AM 2023-02-12

the learning material was very well coordinated with the assignments. So completing the Programme successfully was the best learning experience i ever had as a psychology student. I have further enrolled in Professional Doctorate Programme by EIU-Paris in Mental Health Psychology only. Looking forward to the same experience. Also, Pedagog staff is very supportive. I recommend this course to all Psychology students for their Masters

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