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Master Of Business Administration (MBA)

All degree programs at AIU are designed for professional adults. Your AIU Distance Learning program will be a custom-made program, designed just for you by you and your advisor in a class session with the Academic Advisor. Our program does not require every student to study the same subjects as every other student. Instead, our online Master’ programs are individually designed to meet your needs and help you to reach your professional and personal goals. If you want much more than normal results from your efforts, AIU Master's programs are what you are looking for.

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What I will learn?

    Following are the topics or areas you may develop and work on during your studies. By no means is it a complete or required list as AIU programs do not follow a standardized curriculum. The students decide on the course and curriculum under the guidance of their Academic Advisor, to ensure that the students reach their optimum development and will make a positive impact in their community. It is meant solely as a reference.

    Orientation Courses First Phase:

    AUC 401 “Communication and Investigation” (Comprehensive Resume) (2 credits) (mandatory)
    AUC 402 “Organization Theory” (Portfolio). (1 credit) (mandatory)
    AUC 404 “Academic Evaluation” Questionnaire (1 credit) (optional)
    AUC 405 “Experiential Learning” (Autobiography). (1 credit) (mandatory)

    AUC 406 “Professional Evaluation” Evaluation Matrix (1 credit) (optional)
    AUC 408 “Fundament of knowledge” Integration Chart (1 credit) (optional)
    AUC 409 “Development of Graduate Study” Guarantee of Academic Degree (2 credits) (optional)

    Orientation Courses Second Phase:

    ARED 410 Hidden Connections (reading and summary) (1 credit) (optional)
    AREF 422 References and Bibliography (I credit) (mandatory)
    ACUR 400 Curriculum Design or Course Proposal (1 to 3 credits) (mandatory)
    AUC 420 Seminar Cultural Development (Practical Experience) (1 credit) (optional)
    AUC 425 Seminar International Development. (Publications) (1 credit) (optional)
    AUC 421 Seminar Administrative Summary (Book Summary) (1 credit) (optional)

    Core Courses (10 courses from this list). The students can design their courses based on their topics of interest. 

    LED 102 Issues in Leadership (3 Credits)
    BSA 300 Cooperative Education in Business (3 Credits)
    BSA 400 Business Administration (3 Credits)
    FIN 402 Advanced Finance (3 Credits)
    FIN 408 Investment Management (3 Credits)
    FIN 411 Money and Banking (3 Credits)
    MBA 301 Corporate Strategy (3 Credits)
    MBA 303 Operations Strategy (3 Credits)
    MBA 305 Strategic Management of Information Technology (3 Credits)
    MBA 307 Decision Analysis (3 Credits)
    MBA 402 Leading through Change (3 Credits)
    MBA 406 Organizational Diagnosis (3 Credits)
    MGT 303 Managerial Decision Making (3 Credits)
    MGT 305 Managerial Economics (3 Credits)
    MGT 307 Managerial Accounting (3 Credits)
    MGT 309 Managing People and Organizations (3 Credits)
    MGT 311 Information Management (3 Credits)
    MGT 313 Operations Management (3 Credits)
    MKT 402 Advance Marketing (3 Credits)
    MKT 404 Competition and Strategy (3 Credits)
    MKT 406 Emerging Issues in Marketing (3 Credits)
    MKT 408 Product branding (3 Credits)

    Third Phase Master’s Thesis (6)

    Scholarships are available for deserving candidates. (Mail: for consideration) 

Lessons for this course
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  • Following are the requirements for admission to Master in Business Administration (MBA) from AIU:


    • A curriculum vitae/resume that provides an overview of education, work, and other professional activities.
    • Bachelor’s Degree plus 3 years of field/life experience. Field/Life experience requirements must be in the designated degree program major or a closely related field.
    • Personal Statement (500 words)
    • Passport Copy or any Government issued ID
    • Passport Size Photo (jpg. format)
    • AIU Admission Application Form (download from the 'Institution Verification' Tab in your dashboard)
    • Mature and high-potential candidates without any previous educational qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. (Mail: for consideration) 



    Please Note: A telephone interview by the admissions and review committee shall be a part of the admission process. You will receive a call from your academic advisor within a week after the above-mentioned documents have been uploaded & submitted by you. 

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Course Objective

The programs offered at AIU allow for limited Academic or Life-experience. Academic or Life-experience credit is knowledge gained outside of the classroom through work or other professional endeavors. For this reason, our degree programs are flexible and have been designed for accelerated completion. So DESIGN your studies according to your needs.

Our programs encourage students to demonstrate competency through independent learning as well as reading and research in their field of study. AIU offers educational opportunities in the United States to students from around the world in an effort to propel them to discover their best selves by using their own potential to manage their personal, global, and cultural development.

Advisors and consultants with doctorate degrees and specializations in Human Development, monitor the student's learning processes and growth.


Please feel free to contact us about your studies with AIU.  Mail: 

About the institution
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Atlantic International University
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About institution

Atlantic International University (AIU) was established in 1998 in the State of Hawaii, US, and it is in good standing.  Our founding principles are based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights; per article 26, AIU believes that Higher Education is a Human Right. Our students can be found in over 180 countries, they actively participate and volunteer in their communities as part of their academic program and have allocated over 100,000 hours of service to diverse causes and initiatives.

Atlantic International University is proud to inform that 2023 will be our 25th anniversary, marking a journey defined by academic freedom, innovation, advancement, overcoming challenges, and a pioneering spirit present in all members of the AIU family. It will be a journey, in which, you, our alumni, staff, and students have been key participants. There is much more to come, including a Virtual Reality Interface to your Campus. Throughout the years, we have demonstrated to the world the efficacy and the empowerment that are possible via an open learning, andragogic model that inspires so many to become their best selves.

Student feedback
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Mathew H

02:00:00 AM 2023-03-16

As a working professional, earning the prestigious MBA degree from AIU has been a splendid return on my investments. Thankyou AIU and Pedagog for the scholarship


Obaola Mensah

01:00:00 AM 2023-04-03

MBA from AIU has equipped me with Future Ready skills. I have completed many online courses and degree programs but this has been THE BEST and creatively structured according to the individual needs of the learner. Many Thanks to my AIU Academic Advisor & the Pedagog Academic Counselor👍🤞


Janett M

05:00:00 AM 2023-02-23

The Academic Advisors guided me for core modules based on my key skill areas so there is no wastage and im work ready even before my course completion. Flexible Virtual guidance and course choice is the most attractive feature of AIU. Sincere Thanks AIU.


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