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AIU is a unique educational online learning institution. Our Primary goal at Atlantic International University, is to accommodate students by meeting their individual needs. For this reason, our degree programs are flexible and have been designed for accelerated completion.

Our programs encourage students to demonstrate competency through independent learning as well as reading and research in their field of study. AIU offers educational opportunities in the United States to students from around the world in an effort to propel them to discovering their best selves by using their own potential to manage their personal, global and cultural development. This is actualized through the evaluation of their credentials towards a Bachelor's, a Master's or a Doctorate degree, and this also implies capability for sustainable results-based performance. The foundational axis of such a philosophy rest on self-actualized knowledge and information, which is embedded into a distance learning system based on ANDRAGOGY and OMNIOLOGY. Andragogy means, ADULT EDUCATION.

Atlantic International University offers complete Academic Programs in all levels of Higher Education: Certificate, Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate and in many fields of study except: Medicine, Odontology, Law, Veterinary, Nursing

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Bachelor Of Business Administration (B.B.A.)
All degree programs at AIU are designed for professional adu...
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At AIU we have a strong Academic Faculty. We call them "Academic Advisors" because their job is to facilitate the learning process of the student through the Andragogic Model of Education. This is one of the reasons why AIU earned PREMIER Status from our Accreditation Agency Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). 

At AIU we constantly receive written testimonials sent by our graduated students, Video Testimonials and also we have Special Interviews with our outstanding graduated students around the world. 

At AIU we have a Career Center site to help our students and to receive candidates for several positions at the university. This is the site 

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Atlantic International University (AIU) was established in 1998 in the State of Hawaii, US, and it is in good standing.  Our founding principles are based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights; per article 26, AIU believes that Higher Education is a Human Right. Our students can be found in over 180 countries, they actively participate and volunteer in their communities as part of their academic program and have allocated over 100,000 hours of service to diverse causes and initiatives.

Atlantic International University is proud to inform that 2023 will be our 25th anniversary, marking a journey defined by academic freedom, innovation, advancement, overcoming challenges, and a pioneering spirit present in all members of the AIU family. It will be a journey, in which, you, our alumni, staff, and students have been key participants. There is much more to come, including a Virtual Reality Interface to your Campus. Throughout the years, we have demonstrated to the world the efficacy and the empowerment that are possible via an open learning, andragogic model that inspires so many to become their best selves.