BBA (Top-Up) in Hotel and Hospitality Management

Those who have earned a recognised diploma in business/management field can join the B.B.A (Top-up) programme and receive a full bachelor degree i.e BBA in Hotel and Hospitality Management in one year only. Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Hospitality and Hotel Management (Top-Up) equips the learner with the ability to take part in the hospitality and hotel industry which is one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century. Learners who study the B.B.A. in Hospitality and Hotel Management will be able to compete within the dynamic and rapidly evolving field, with the knowledge that will enable the learner to excel in the workforce. This specialisation will give learners meaningful insight and understanding on topics such as Human Resource Management, Sustainable Development, Strategic Hotel Planning, Hospitality Marketing and Sales, and Housekeeping Management. On successful completion of BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (Top-Up) IN HOTEL AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, the student will be awarded a Nationally recognised and Internationally accredited BBA Degree from EUROPEAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, PARIS, evidencing your competitive advantage in the job market, locally and internationally. Furthermore, on successful completion of each module of BBA (Top-Up) Hotel and Hospitality Management, the student will also be awarded an individual course module completion certificate from Pedagog, which adds to the value further on successful completion of this course.

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What I will learn?

    BBA (Top-Up) IN HOTEL ABD HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT programme consists of 8 core modules including the  research project module as listed below. 

    100% completion of all modules and assignments submission therein is required to be able to get certified in BBA HHM.

    Start the programme by enrolling (purchasing) through the link attached to the first module below ie HHM310 Housekeeping Management

    You can complete the course by enrolling in the successive modules through links lesson provided in your ongoing module.

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    1.   HHM310 Housekeeping Management
    This module will provide learners with an understanding of the responsibilities of managing the housekeeping division, inventory management, and cleaning procedures.

    2.   HHM320 Food and Beverage Management (FBM)
    This module will equip learners with an understanding of managing food cost, controlling quality and standards, and handling inventory.

    3.   HHM330 Strategic Facility Planning
    This module will provide learners with the practical knowledge of the required steps to strategize and plan for facility expansions.

    4.   HHM340 Sustainable Hotel and Hospitality Management
    This module looks into how the hospitality industry can decrease its use of resources, and take a more sustainable approach to manage their impact on the environment.

    5.   HHM350 Hotel Business Marketing
    In this module, learners will learn the necessary strategies to market a hotel to the 21st-century customer. This module covers topics such as the use of an online travel agency, revenue management strategies, and the importance of effective digital marketing.

    6.   HHM360 Hotel Financial Management
    This module also focuses on loan repayment and reliable financial indicators that examine the finances of a hotel.

    7.   HHM370 Hotel Event Management
    This module looks into all of the behind-the-scenes efforts that event managers handle in order to meet the customers’ expectations.

    8.   HHM380Hotel and Hospital Management Capstone Project
    This module will allow learners to demonstrate their knowledge of both theories and the understanding of practical applications in the business world. By completing the Capstone Project, students will demonstrate their abilities to apply the necessary theories in real-world applications.


Lessons for this course
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    • Applicant should possess a recognised Diploma in business or management, or any other related field.
    • Applicant should possess proof of English language proficiency such as IELTS (5.5 or its equivalent), TOEFL or pass EIU's English Proficiency test. (If the above mentioned diploma is in 'English Medium', then this requirement is automatically met).
    • Applicant should possess a high level of motivation and self-discipline.
    • Applicant should possess a basic smartphone or computer operating knowledge and skills.
    • Mature Entry Option (to be considered on case-by-case basis, and only applicable to mature adults/professionals), especially if they have a professional working experience in the managerial/supervisory roles.


    • Education Certificates
    • Latest CV / Résumé
    • Personal Statement (500 words)
    • Passport Copy or any Government issued ID
    • Passport Size Photo (jpg. format)
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Course Objective

BBA (Top-Up) is a specialized degree programme by Pedagog Business Studies certified by  European International University, Paris

This degree programme is for those who have earned a recognized diploma in business/management field. So, you can receive a full bachelor degree i.e. BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (IMC) in one year only.

The structure of this Degree Programme enables students to acquire the following knowledge and transferable skills:

  • To create an individual who has a deep and passionate understanding of the business world.
  • To cultivate an individual who not only analyses but creates valuable solutions to the day to day struggles in an operation.
  • To initiate an entrepreneur mindset and create a unique and profitable path.
  • Demonstrate competent use of technology and information systems.
  • Understand business industries and be able to make effective decisions.
  • Develop strong oral and written communication skills that will enable an individual to effectively communicate.
  • Develop an understanding of corporate responsibility in order to make better social and ethical decisions.

Personalised exercises & assessments are utilised throughout the programme to measure progress in learning. The student is expected to submit the assignments in the ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION LESSON of each module for Grading. 


About the institution
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Pedagog BBA (Top Up)
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About institution
The Pedagog Platform is an educators created and managed e-learning & business Studies platform which brings revolution in the global education industry targeting all segments and age groups of students including  professional skills based courses to degrees.


Clarification about EIU Recognition and Accreditation

EIU-Paris, is incorporated as a private, independent, higher education establishment, duly approved by the Ministry of HigherEducation, Research, and Innovation in Paris, France. However, we have always maintained that we are NOT a NATIONALLY ACCREDITED institution in France as we do NOT deliver the French National Curricula, nor do we offer courses or programmes in French medium to French students. Our focus has been and always will be international students (from all over the world), and we deliver and assess all courses/programmes in the English language only.

Since EIU’s main focus is to offer international programmes to international students, and since we deliver all courses and programmes in the English language, we prioritized getting institutional accreditation from an international body called the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC), United Kingdom. EIU is accredited with Premier University status by ASIC, UK, since 2nd October 2018. EIU has also obtained accreditation candidacy status, and is currently pursuing accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), United States.

Additionally, we are further audited and quality assured by internationally acclaimed bodies such as QS, ECBE, BGA, ATHEA, and CEOWORLD Magazine.

In regards to acceptance of the above-mentioned recognition and accreditation by institutions in other countries and/or by governments of different nations, IT WOULD DEPEND PURELY ON THEM and their evaluation of EIU and its existing accreditation and professional membership and license. Obviously, most governments prefer to readily recognize “NATIONALLY ACCEPTED” INSTITUTIONS only – but there are exceptions of course – where an excellent institution such as EIU – could be evaluated on case-by-case basis, and accepted by wide range of institutions (for study progression), or by employers, or even by public sector/government/ civil services. However, EIU does NOT guarantee any such recognition nor acceptance as this is a subjective decision of respective individual, organization, or country.

The Pedagog Platform is the blockchain-based part of MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSES (MOOC++), The platform considers principles of learning from COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, emphasizes academic honesty & integrity through its proof of study protocol, & provides optimized UX through self-executing smart contracts to enable learners to earn verified Nationally Recognized and Internationally Accredited certifications along with skills based certifications.

When we say its an ''Educators created'' platform we want to emphasise that we have an aim to make ''Education'' reach masses at the most affordable costs to learners .

DISHONESTY DUE TO SOCIAL PRESSURE LEADING TO DESPERATE UNETHICAL PRACTICES IN EDUCATION - Huge problem with people, even at top level, buying and using fake degrees – they are desperate because a) they are too busy with work and/or family (not enough time), yet they have the money (successful in career), they have the desire (they know that education is their ticket to further personal and professional success), hence desperate for certification and resort to illegal / unethical means of obtaining qualifications b) traditional models of education are not able to accommodate such learners – they are often inflexible, and too structured, hence pose difficulty to such busy professionals

COMMERCIALIZATION OF EDUCATION HAS RUINED YOUNG PEOPLE WITH HEAVY LOANS BEFORE LIFE EVEN STARTS FOR THEM - Traditional education comes at very high cost – which even successful working professional may find it difficult to cope with due to having so many existing expenses, majority of which would often be the family. Blockchain based learning platform could level the playing field and allow more people learn and earn qualifications at  highly affordable pricings.

TRADITIONAL EDUCATION IS OVERLY RIGID, HENCE DIFFICULT TO PERSONALIZE IN MASSSIVE SCALE -There are so many others physical and social-psychological barriers in accessing traditional education that are confined to specific infrastructure (geographical limitations), as well as confinements in terms of heavy reliance on rigid structures that are often not conducive for learning and/or the running of the business of education

TRADITIONAL EDUCATION DOES NOT EMPOWER LEARNERS – INSTEAD IT CONTROLS, IF NOT SHAPE LEARNERS INTO A PRE-DETERMINED MOLD (AND WE WONDER WHY IT’S HARD TO FIND CREATIVE INDIVIDUALS FROM THE SCHOOLING SYSTEMS WORLDWIDE) - Traditional education has been predominantly PRESCRIPTIVE – people are told what to learn, why to learn, and how to learn – on complete contrast – The Pedagog Online platform places full responsibility and power in the hands of learners – learners will make informed decisions about courses to be selected and studied either to upgrade themselves, prepare for a career, or change from one career to another.

EIU-Paris, is incorporated as a private, independent, higher education establishment, duly approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation in Paris, France. However, we have always maintained that we are NOT a NATIONALLY ACCREDITED institution in France as we do NOT deliver the French National Curricula, nor do we offer courses or programmes in French medium to French students. Our focus has been and always will be international students (from all over the world), and we deliver and assess all courses/programmes in the English language only.

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Sudhanshu P

06:00:00 PM 2021-10-05

I always wanted to get into hotel industry with a position in management and marketing. ~The learning so has has been great and hopefully will land me in great job.

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