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We offer in all areas such as Master of Business Studies, Doctorate in Business Administration, Language Management for Personal Development, Quality, Computer Technology, Education, Sales and Marketing. Discover our range of programmes and find ones that suit your interest.
Experiential Learning Program that allows participants to understand what it takes to be an impactful Trainer, Presenter, Facilitator and Communicator in Law of Attraction. The participants get to understand the training methodology apt to ensure that their audiences are able to enjoy, appreciate and Apply the tools of Law of Attraction in enriching and achieving their personal and professional goals. Participants become aware of the personality, NLP, Modalities, tools, techniques and methodology needed to become an impactful Trainer/Facilitator in Law of Attraction as well as the elements involved in an impactful presentation and training.
It was an interesting journey right from the start of ORIGIN ACADEMY on how we sustain and grow in the midst of all the challenges faced.
As of the result, we are a 4 Star rated training provider under HRDF now.
Thanks to everyone who have trusted us along the way!
Origin Academy is a company made up of a group of Academicians that offers academic courses, management training, skilling, upskilling and reskilling services. We also have our academy division to handle adults who wishes to continue their studying in the areas of Diploma, Degree and Masters.

ORIGIN equipped with the knowledge of modern management principals completed with basic human values plus ORIGINʼs distinctive training approach, the company trains many professionals from the manufacturing, corporate, public sectors and other related areas.

Our programmes are activity-based, practical and implementable immediately at workplace. All in-house programmes are custom-designed to suit the customers’ needs and requirement.