The Complete Google Ads E-Com Course

A beginner friendly step-by-step video course on how to setup and run Google Ads Profitably for your store. This course shall teach you the Proven System to Explode Your Ecommerce Sales on Google Ads Profitably. No previous ecommerce experience required

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What I will learn?
    • How to setup Google Ads correctly so your ads are profitable and compliant (so you don't get banned).
    • ​My secret method to quickly finding winning DropShipping products that sell like hot cakes on Google Ads.
    • ​How to rapidly test products without wasting money on unprofitable products.
    • Maximise clicks and traffic to your web pages with ease.
    • Choose keywords that trigger your ad to be shown to 'buying' browsers.
    • Enable more conversions by attaching other product links to your ad.
    • ​How to optimize your campaigns so you squeeze out every dollar possible from them.
    • Write a Super-Effective Ad using the new Expanded Text Ads.
    • Select a bid strategy that gets you profit on your ad spend.
    • ​How to scale your campaigns to over $1,000 per day using horizontal scaling and automated bidding strategies.

Lessons for this course
9 Units
  •     1. Store Compliance 7
  •     2. App Merchant Center 6
  •     3. Shipping Settings Setup 2
  •     4. AdWords Setup 5
  •     5. Conversion Tracking Setup 3
  •     6. Syncing Products To Merchant Center 7
  •     1. Product Criteria 0
  •     2. Product Criteria 6
  •     3. Meeting Product Criteria 9
  •     4. Product Research 0
  •     5. Product research 12
  •     6. Product Research Commerce Inspector 5
  •     7. Sem Rush 6
  •     8. Similar Web & CJ Drop shipping 5
  •     9. Facebook Research 6
  •     10. MyIP.MS 2
  •     1. Product Pricing 0
  •     2. Product pricing 4
  •     3. Importing From Aliexpress Oberlo 3
  •     4. Product Feed Integrity 0
  •     5. Product Feed Integrity 6
  •     6. Product Images And Title 7
  •     7. Product Description 11
  •     8. Adding Tags 3
  •     9. CJ Drop Shipping 0
  •     10. CJ Drop Shipping 4
  •     1. Merchant Center overview 4
  •     2. AdWords Interface And Columns 5
  •     3. Bid Strategy Overview 0
  •     4 Bidding Strategy 13
  •     5. Budget Strategy Overview 0
  •     6. Budget Strategy 4
  •     1. Important Currencies 2
  •     2. Creating Test Campaign 5
  •     3. Drilling Item 3
  •     4. Negative Keyword List 0
  •     5. Negative keywords 3
  •     6. Adding Locations 2
  •     7. Campaign Launch Check 4
  •     8. Ongoing Drilling 2
  •     9. Tapering Down Bids 5
  •     1. Excluding Unprofitable Products 8
  •     2. Excluding Search Terms 6
  •     3. Device Bid Adjustments 3
  •     4. Bid Reduction On Converting Products 2
  •     5. Location Bid Adjustments 3
  •     1. Single Product Campaign 5
  •     2. International Geo Setup 4
  •     3. International Geo Campaign 3
  •     4. Switching Bid Strategy 5
  •     5.TROAS Bid Strategy 5
  •     1. Search Campaign Creation 8
  •     2. Brand Search Campaign 5
  •     Bonus Material 0
  • You will only need a computer that has access to the internet
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Course Objective

The cheapest and easiest ad platform right now is Google Ads. But, I see lots of people trying to set up Google Ads on their store and wasting tons of money on methods that don't work. So, if you want to run Google Ads profitably, Learn my Profitable Google Ads method  and be coached by a Google Ads Specialist. 

Take Advantage of Google Ads While It's still Cheap and Unsaturated.

This course is for Anyone who is looking to market their business with the use of Google Adwords, or Social Media and Marketing managers looking to run campaigns for their companies, Small business owners / entrepreneurs looking for highly-qualified traffic to their website or product landing page, Freelancers looking to run campaigns for clients and even for those looking to make high quality Google Ads for themselves.

About the instructor
Ridley Hawkes
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About Teacher
Google Ads Specialist.
Student feedback
Average rating



05:00:00 AM 2021-02-11

i enjoyed the lesson in the course, very impactful they were, however i still have to implement my learning of this of this course in real work life, i will recommend this course to my co-workers


Rajat Manchanda

12:00:00 AM 2021-03-01

I got a ton of value from taking this course. Ridley's accent was hard to get used to but honestly, I think that made me pay closer attention to what was being said. I liked that you can also interact by sending your specific questions in and it was helpful for me to have my own campaign open and pause and go back and forth between the course and my campaign.


Abdul Rahiman

12:00:00 AM 2021-02-28

The starts with a good vibe and I am halfway done with it. It feels interesting to spend 2-3 hours daily with this course as I aspire to gain skills through this. Reaching the 50% completion stage of this course I can say that it is going to be a worth decision choosing this as I am gaining knowledge and confidence both. I will update my review once I finish it.


Mario Idrizov

05:00:00 AM 2021-03-04

Comprehensive, very detailed and easy to understand course material. I like the simplicity of the message, cons and pros analysis for each slide with step by step explanation. It's highly impactful and concise.


M Sanchez Garcia

07:00:00 AM 2021-02-22

Un programa muy completo para las necesidades de mercado de muchas industrias hoy


Laura Borlenghi

07:00:00 PM 2021-02-03

I'm looking to get more experience with Google Ads and see what it can really do. So far, everything has been really clear and easy to follow.


Petros Mathioudakis

10:00:00 PM 2021-03-04

Excellent Coverage. I am able to easily understand the concepts with the given examples and methodology of explaining. The information provided is 100% useful and the time spent in this course is 100% useful and productive. I thank Ridley!

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