Fundamentals of Bitcoin and Blockchain

Learn A-Z about Cryptocurrency. Learn the Fundamentals of Blockchain and Bitcoin in this bestselling video course. Quickly get the working knowledge you need and earn your certificate of completion in BLOCKCHAIN AND BITCOIN from a globally recognized Blockchain-Based Online Learning EdTech Giants-PEDAGOG.

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What I will learn?
    This effective guide will help you understand Blockchain and Bitcoin and will set you well on your way to Blockchain and Bitcoin Mastery.
    1. Understand the concept of Bitcoin and Blockchain - Cryptocurrencies.
    2. Realize the importance of Cryptocurrencies in the future. 
    3. How Blockchain and Bitcoin are impacting the world of business?
    4. Detailed understanding of what Bitcoin is and how it works?
    5. Have a strong understanding of what blockchain technology is?
    6. How Blockchain and Bitcoin are related and why it's so important to know the relation?
    7. Some common misconceptions about blockchain and Bitcoin.
    8. Bitcoin Trading/Mining. 
    9. Make huge amounts of money by trading cryptocurrencies.
    10. Have an overview of the most important cryptocurrencies. 
    11. Know the opportunities that come along with Blockchain Technology.
    12. What is the future of blockchain?
    13. Learn to design your own currency.
    14. Know and use key vocabulary and concepts commonly used when discussing Blockchain and Bitcoin in business situations.

Lessons for this course
1 Units
  •     Why A New Currency 8
  •     Lets Design A New Currency 10
  •     First Q/A Sessions 6
  •     This Is Not Science Fiction 10
  •     How Blockchain Works 21
  •     More Than Just Currency 15
  •     Second Q/A Sessions 11
  • No Requirements
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Course Objective

Β·      If you are looking for a quick, highly effective, and easy way to understand Cryptocurrency-Blockchain and Bitcoin, without wasting countless hours sifting through unnecessary filler information, then enroll for this course. Get a firm grasp on what blockchain and Bitcoin are all about.

Β·      Learn the fundamentals of Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin from a Certified Instructor on Cryptocurrency.

Β·      This course shall definitely give a lot of people new career goals.  It will only take a couple of hours to complete, but afterward you will really feel like you have obtained a good understanding of the fundamentals of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

About the instructor
Knowledge Power
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About Teacher
Knowledge Power is an American online course creator and provider. The faculty comprises renowned professionals with a minimum of 16 years of experience in varied fields. Many instructors are successful organizational trainers and coach as well as leading entrepreneurs of online business and online stores as well as certified Instructors on blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Knowledge Power is a household name in America that companies use to train their staff and Educational Institutions invite for teaching students as guest faculty or trainers. Thousands of worldwide learners on Pedagog have successfully completed our courses and have been certified , leaving positive reviews and feedback. Like Pedagog, we believe in education for masses and have tried our level best to provide exclusive world class simplified skill based courses that too at affordable prices which you will not find on any other platform. Happy Learning!!! Best Wishes!! Team Knowledge PowerπŸ‘
Student feedback
Average rating

Adam Mosby

10:21:48 AM 2020-12-10

very knowledgeable course . nice explanation

samantha greenwood

04:12:59 PM 2020-12-15

Having heard so much about cryptocurrency and with no prior info about it, i took this course. I was fearing it to be waste of money that i would not understand anything. Contrary to it i am feeling so fulfilled and equipped with knowledge on crypto currency. Such a descriptive and easy to comprehend course. Very Very Thanks. never thought even a layman like me will be able to understand everything.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

mridul lamba

04:16:21 PM 2020-12-15

Earlier i though a course on cryptocurrency at such affordable price might be an eye wash but i'm amazed .........IT IS AN AMAZING COURSE WITH IN-DEPTH INFORMATION. every aspect has been taught in detail . Much thanksπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

britney green

04:23:57 PM 2020-12-15

The module 'designing your own cryptocurrency" has been explained step by step and made very easy to follow. Though i feel a little more should have been added for the people who are not beginners but intermediates. Overall im happy as learning on pedagog through gamification is a fun experience and i got a chance to earn tokens as well , making this course almost free of cost. so CheersπŸ‘πŸ‘

john de costa

04:26:30 PM 2020-12-15

Trading of crypto coins has never been explained so elaborately. i'm impressed. i do recommend this course, not only to beginners but also experts.

Noah Lawrence

11:41:49 AM 2021-01-08

It was good but it could have been better , So i am giving 4 stars


Nat D Lee

02:00:00 AM 2021-02-01

I have taken several cryptocurrency courses on Udemy but this is clearly THE BEST and EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE. Very well presented, the course is laid out in a logical format with easy to understand. Much ThanksπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ”


Mat M

08:00:00 AM 2020-12-29

Easily the best introduction to Blockchain technology and Bitcoins. Instructor and Guest both explains in such a way that they actually have given a new career goal. So excited about my new learning and skill.


ratalie Wheth

07:00:00 AM 2021-01-12

Honestly it was so simple and easy to understand, that i completed the course in a day. I feel so confident and equipped now at my work coz of this basics on crypto. So So Much Thanks.πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ


Kat Molew

06:00:00 AM 2021-02-03

The Q & A modules were very effective and it sorted my queries. As if the instructor could read my mind. I highly recommend this course to everyone, irrespective of the type of Job. I feel Blockchain and Bitcoin being our present and future, we all must have thorough understanding of atleast the basics which are very nicely explained.


Enreyt Mathew

01:00:00 AM 2021-02-14

Outstanding concepts and very lucid explanations.πŸ‘βœ”.


Pardeep Khosla

02:00:00 AM 2021-02-03

The way of teaching in such casual manner and explaining while discussing made this course a great one. very informative. Thank you Knowledge Power and Pedagog. Now i actually understand Pedagog being Blockchain based and how it will be beneficial.


Greta Theressa

02:00:00 AM 2021-02-12

Having some prior knowledge in blockchain and crypto already, but this course by knowledge power and its instructors have made everything crystal clear. Yes, Q & A modules were very helpful. Full value for money. i never came across such affordable courses on any other platform. Sincere thanks to pedagog. This is my Fourth course on Pedagog and i must say you actually are maintaining a very good quality of instructions and content. Thanks again.



05:00:00 AM 2021-02-16

I Feel the theoretical part of crypto could have been explained more and a bit on the development as well. i know this was the fundamentals, but .... anyways sure for this price, it was a good one.


rashim Rana

04:00:00 AM 2021-02-09

Even I truly recommend this course for new comers to Bitcoin Network and Blockchain.

Steven Bolhuis De L' Espee

10:09:14 AM 2023-05-26

Exactly as stated in the description, a brief intro to Bitcoin and blockchain. I did learn a few new things and understand a bit better how it all works. Do wish the production was a bit better, perhaps picture in picture when he was explaining slides and there was an error in the editing in the second last video, it contains some of the footage from the final video.

Fredy Kurniawan

02:18:08 PM 2023-08-05

Very clarity explanation about blockchain and bitcoin, this is important step to the next journey . . .


12:38:14 PM 2024-04-01

Teaching style is very good. I am happy learning the Blockchain course.

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