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CCK - M.B.A. Strategy Module-2: MGT520 Managing Business Strategy

This module includes a study of strategic planning including mission statement development, analysis of the external environment and internal organisational factors, development of strategic alternatives, selection of appropriate alternative, implementation of strategies and competitive strategies and dynamics. Special emphases are given to the integration and coordination of the function areas within the enterprise.

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What I will learn?

    1.     The Essentials of Business Strategy

    2.     The Process of Strategic Formulation

    3.     Strategic Internal and External Analysis

    4.     Schools of Strategy: Planning, Positional, Resource

    5.     Organisational Strategies and Competitive Advantage

    6.     Strategic International Trade and Globalisation

Lessons for this course
1 Units
  •     MGT520 - Module Synopsis 0
  •     MGT520 - International Business And Global Strategy 0
  •     MGT520 - Strategic Management 0
  •     MGT520 - Assignment 0
  •     MGT520 - Assignment Submission 0
  • ·      Learners should possess a high level of motivation and self-discipline.

    ·      Learners must possess basic smartphone or computer operating knowledge and skills.

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Course Objective

At the conclusion of the module, the following instructional objectives would be attained.

The student will be able to:

1. Construct the essential strategic framework for a company.

2. Summarise the impact of the schools of strategies on a company’s strategic plans.

3. Make effective decisions throughout the strategy planning process.

4. Analyse the impact of the world’s financial systems on the strategic process.

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