Dramatic Writing - Playwriting for Beginners to Advanced

Learn to Write Engaging Content and Become the Successful Writer you want to be, from a playwright, screenwriter and director, most notably famous for his international theatrical screenplays. Train the playwright in you! Whether you’re a playwright, screenwriter or novelist, this comprehensive course is for you.

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What I will learn?
    • How to Discover, Perfect, and Share Your Own Writer's Voice.
    • How to drive inspiration to write?
    • The playwriting terminology you absolutely need to know.
    • A Series of Authentic Writing Content Designed to Target the Skills You Need.
    • Writing Techniques, Literary Devices, and Specialized Skills.
    • Structuring the plot and learning to let go of scenes that don’t advance the story.
    • How to build interesting characters and How does a character’s desire influence dialogue?
    • Give all of your characters an objective.
    • To examine and change your life as well as establish your career in playwriting.
    • Understand what makes an idea right for theatrical exploration (versus cinematic exploration or literary exploration).
    • How to effectively use punctuation to improve your characters and dialogue?
    • Create and manipulate rising tension.
    • Master short stage play structure.
    • Discover formulas, shortcuts, methodologies, and creative insights to help jumpstart your journey as a playwright.
    • Identify and overcome major flaws found in both new and professional writers today.
    • Uncover tips and tricks to help you avoid cliché in your writing.
    •  How to Become a Successful and Confident Dramatic Writer.

Lessons for this course
26 Units
  •     Introduction 8
  •     Introduction 1 0
  •     Purpose of Drama Part-1 13
  •     Purpose of Drama Part-1a 0
  •     Purpose of Drama Part-II 9
  •     Dramatic Rules Part-Ia 12
  •     Dramatic Rules Part-I 0
  •     Dramatic Rules Part-II 9
  •     Story Ideas 1 11
  •     Story Ideas 0
  •     Character 12
  •     Character 1 0
  •     Plot 1 0
  •     Plot 17
  •     Structuring The Plot Part-Ia 14
  •     Structuring The Plot Part-I 0
  •     Structuring The Plot Part-II 11
  •     Case Study Part-I 22
  •     Case Study-I 0
  •     Case Study-IIa 22
  •     Case Study-II 0
  •     Dialogue Part-I 7
  •     Dialogue Part-I and II 0
  •     Dialogue Part-II 13
  •     Narration And Exposition 14
  •     Narration And Exposition doc 0
  •     Scenes vid 10
  •     Scenes 0
  •     Writing Process Part-I 10
  •     Writing Process Part-I and II 0
  •     Writing Process Part-II 13
  •     The Audience video 10
  •     The Audience 0
  •     Lies And Truth Part-I 10
  •     Lies And Truth Part-I and II 0
  •     Lies And Truth- II 12
  •     Actors-I 12
  •     Actors-I and II 0
  •     Actors Part-II 8
  •     Life Of A Dramatist Part-I 7
  •     Life Of A Dramatist Part-I and II 2
  •     Life Of A Dramatist Part-II 9
  •     Closing 7
  •     Closing doc 0
  • No Requirements
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Course Objective

The Fun and Practical Dramatic Writing Course has been designed to get you excited about creating your own work. The workbook along with each module provides additional guidance and encourages you to participate in exercises. The lessons feel very conversational. Bigger topics are split into two or three lessons, making them more accessible and much easier to take in. The instructor's own experiences are encouraging. He’s felt every frustration a writer feels and this is clear from the onset. By the end of the course, you will have a completed short script ready to send to theatres, publishers, or contests.

About the instructor
Knowledge Power
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About Teacher
Knowledge Power is an American online course creator and provider. The faculty comprises renowned professionals with a minimum of 16 years of experience in varied fields. Many instructors are successful organizational trainers and coach as well as leading entrepreneurs of online business and online stores as well as certified Instructors on blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Knowledge Power is a household name in America that companies use to train their staff and Educational Institutions invite for teaching students as guest faculty or trainers. Thousands of worldwide learners on Pedagog have successfully completed our courses and have been certified , leaving positive reviews and feedback. Like Pedagog, we believe in education for masses and have tried our level best to provide exclusive world class simplified skill based courses that too at affordable prices which you will not find on any other platform. Happy Learning!!! Best Wishes!! Team Knowledge Power👍
Student feedback
Average rating

Robin Shubasky

12:53:33 PM 2020-12-07

Awesome course. It really did a great job for me. Explanation was fantastic

Molly Mayfare

01:51:27 PM 2020-12-07

Very informative course. Nice explanation

Anna brown

05:56:43 PM 2021-01-15

very practical and realistic.


donald R

02:00:00 AM 2021-02-07

"Writing is easy. All you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” this notion is absolutely true but trust me this course has actually made writing as a career very easy and super flowy. hats off to the instructor. Much thanks.👏🙏


maheep Mah

02:00:00 AM 2021-02-15

This course provides encouragement for those writers who haven’t ‘made it’ yet, or are currently battling. Very impressive. The dedication of instructor is visible. Real experiences have really added to the explanation. Thank you sir. i'm so thankful. So happy about this learning. I'm really visualizing myself established a a writer now. 👏👍👌


Mathew Mathew

03:00:00 AM 2021-01-14

this course is really worthwhile. i recommend it to all, the college students as well as the established playwrights. The Instructors personal experiences and struggles are so relatable. Its a sense of relief to know that im not alone as a struggler. what im undergoing is a part of every writers journey. I can see my career growth. amazing course at amazing price. thankyou. thankyou. Thankyou soooo much.


Himeret Gretta

04:00:00 AM 2021-02-08

I think all writers should take up this course, Even if or not they are struggling in completion of a script. Grand Thanks Sir.. I could never have imagined myself being so satisfied as a writer , had my friend not recommended this course to me. 5 STARS . WORTHY OF TIME AND PRICE. Infact , i never came across such superb course at such pocket friendly price. Believe me in the beginning, i was doubtful of the course content as i could never believe a super course like this at such affordable price. But im still surprised!!! as i had done really expensive worthless courses ten times the price of this course and gained nothing out of them. THANKYOU SO MUCH✌👌


Drudin White

07:00:00 AM 2021-02-18

The lessons themselves are V V informative, the exercises provide the most rewarding outcome of the class. I guarantee the Users will get the most. Trust me. Thanks to Pedagog. This is my fourth course on pedagog through my colleagues recommendation. I earlier thot its impossible to gain skills at such affordable cost. But my colleague was right. Course content is simply WOW. Every student or a professional writer must take this course. Infact, this course should be a mandate part of writing schools.

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