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Doctor Of Business Administration (D.B.A.)

Doctorate in Business Administration (D.B.A.) makes one stand out from the crowds, implying to the employer of not only one’s knowledge but also a commitment to personal growth and passion for learning. D.B.A degree goes further by showing the capability of applying high-level business theories to real-life cases and problem-solving.

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What I will learn?

    The DBA doctorate thesis programme, by European International University, Paris consists of Five modules ($1000 per module)

    Doctorate Through Research/Thesis (DTR) - 180 ECTS: 

    Module 1: RBL810 Research Methodology: Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses (30 ECTS)

    Module 2: RBL820 Scholarly Conference / Seminar I (15 ECTS)

    Module 3: RBL830 Scholarly Conference / Seminar II (15 ECTS)

    Module 4: VIVA920 Viva Voce (30 ECTS)

    Module 5: DSSR980: Doctorate Thesis (90 ECTS)

     100% completion of all modules, including self-improvement quiz and assignments submission therein, is required to successfully complete DBA programme (highest level of academic excellence) by EIU, Paris.

    Begin the course by enrolling in the 1st module mentioned in Courses for this degree area & finish the degree by completing all 5 modules including the Final Thesis submission


    Scholarships & grants are individually offered on merit only by Pedagog Foundation.

    Interested candidates should mail: 

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  • Be likely to meet the required standards for a Doctorate degree.

    ·    At least 5 years of working experience in a managerial position.

    ·    Show evidence of research skills equivalent to those expected of a traditional Doctoral student in the relevant discipline.

    ·    Statement of intent

    ·    All previous education qualification documents

    ·    One passport-size photo (in formal attire)

    ·    Passport copy (photo page) and/or copy of National ID card

    ·    Full C.V. including all research outputs (include evidence of a unifying theme across the publications/outputs and originality)

    ·    2-3 references from previous employers.

    ·    EIU, Paris application form (to be downloaded from the Institution Verification tab in your dashboard)

    Submit these documents through the 'Institution Verification' tab in your dashboard. 

    Interested students should mail: to discuss the requirements, and specialization with the academic coordinator before enrolling.

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Course Objective

A D.B.A. degree is a widely respected and acknowledged practitioner’s doctorate in Business Administration. It is designed to challenge the practical knowledge an experienced professional has acquired through their existing career in business, management, or leadership. In addition, the degree would help professionals to develop new skills through crucial academic research. 

As a result, these newly developed skills help an individual take their career to the highest level, preparing them for important decision-making and analyses required for top-level leadership positions. 

Throughout the D.B.A. programme, candidates are given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in strategic planning and advanced decision-making. This might involve conducting complex analyses within their workplace environment to deepen their knowledge of their vocational sector as a whole. 

Professionals undertaking the D.B.A. programme would develop new theories that focus on improving current workplace practices, with the intention of making a positive contribution to real-world sector-specific problems and challenges. 

Being one of the highest levels of qualification in the field of business and management, the D.B.A. programme leads to the following benefits to professionals undertaking this programme of study:

·                 Highest level of problem-solving and research skills

·                 Increased prospects for international employability

·                 Diversification of career paths

D.B.A. graduates can go in to are varied. They include, but are not limited to:

·                 Research & Data Analyst

·                 Consultant / Professional Coach for personal, professional and organizational clients

·                 Academia - adjunct professorship/dean of business management programmes at postsecondary higher learning institutions/research advisor & supervisor

·                 Government Bodies / Research & Development in Government Sectors

·                 Entrepreneurship - Setting up one's own company/consultancy

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