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CCK - B.B.A. IBM Module-5: ECO150 Principles of Economics

Principles of Economics is an introductory module that looks at decision-making by both individual and societies. This module will dive into economic fundamental activities such as distribution, exchange, production, and consumption. This module will help learners to begin to understand the functions of a free market system.

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What I will learn?

    1. Introduction to Economic Principles

    2. Economy and Economic Goods

    3. The Theory of Price

    4. Use Value and Exchange Value

    5. The Theory of Money

Lessons for this course
1 Units
  •     ECO150 Principles of Economics Outline 0
  •     Dominick Salvatore-Principles of Economics Crash Course 0
  •     ECO150 Principles of Economics - Assessment 0
  •     ECO150 Principles of Economics - Assignment 1. Submission 0
  •     ECO150 Principles of Economics - Assignment 2. Submission 0
  •     ECO150 Principles of Economics - Assignment 3. Submission 0
  •     ECO150 Principles of Economics - Assignment 4. Submission 0
  • ·     Learners should possess a high level of motivation and self-discipline.

    ·     Learners must possess basic smartphone or computer operating knowledge and skills.

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Course Objective

After completing this module learners will be able to:

1. Define principle economic terms

2. Identify economic principles and their effect on an economy

3. Discuss inflation’s effect on the economy

4. Forecast how future technological advancements affect the economy

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