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CCK - B.B.A. MKT Module-14: MGT260 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

In the 21st century many companies have to move products and goods throughout the world in a safe, expedient and cost efficient manner. Logistics is the process of managing, planning, and facilitating the flow of products within a supply chain and this module will help the student to uncover the inner workings of logistics for a company.

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What I will learn?

    1. Introduction Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    2. Supply Chain Management

    3. International Movement of Goods and Products

    4. Planning for the Supply Chain

    5. Inventory Management

    6. Supply Chain Procurement

    7. Global Logistics and Transportation

Lessons for this course
1 Units
  •     MGT260 Logistics and Supply Chain Management Outline 0
  •     Strategic Analysis of Supply Chain Design 0
  •     MGT260 Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Assessment 0
  •     MGT260 Logistics and Supply Chain Management Assignment Submission 0
  • ·     Learners should possess a high level of motivation and self-discipline.

    ·     Learners must possess basic smartphone or computer operating knowledge and skills.

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Course Objective

After completing this module learners will be able to:

1. Define logistics and supply chain terms

2. Determine appropriate logistic shipping methods

3. Graph supply chain functions

4. Assess appropriate actions for a company to take within its supply chain

5. Incorporate 21st century global logistics and supply chain theories into business practices

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