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There is no doubt that the pharmaceutical and investment sector witnessed growth and boom last time during the Corona pandemic, whether with different treatment protocols or the acceleration of great countries to discover and experiment with vaccines to reach a cure for HIV,

However, some companies found economic problems and crises, especially companies with medium returns in the drug market, or their capital was not large for several reasons: –

Blurred vision for investors
Stopping the air traffic and shipping
Most of the countries exporting raw material close to the ports
Reducing the labor intensity of pharmaceutical factories and several other reasons


Through the initiative launched by the CEO Business School, we will know how to face crises on an integrated scientific and practical approach provided by us with a group of the best lecturers in Egypt and the Middle East in the field of entrepreneurship

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If your company went through crises during the last period and would like to benefit from scientific and practical experiences in the field of entrepreneurship, register now

We are a training residential college made up of students, scholars, graduates and staff members. Our rich history is the foundation for our values.
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Center of Entrepreneurs Orientation. [hereinafter referred to as CEO Business School], Founded in 2014.

CEO  is a training and consultancy firm.

For the last years, we provided practical training courses; based on workshops to more than 10000 trainees with different professional backgrounds.

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