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Case Study: Kieran Williams
I chose to do a BTEC Higher National course because of the hands-on approach to learning the skills and techniques compared to a much more theory based university course. I also liked the class sizes being small, allowing for a more personal learning experience where everyone knew each other, and the lecturers knew everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.
I had previously completed a BTEC Level 3 course at Heart of Worcestershire college. After that I spent time looking for an apprenticeship, but was unable to find one, and therefore decided to join the BTEC Higher National in Computing at the Heart of Worcestershire College to continue my education. 
I developed strong presentation skills, which I found very good practice, especially as I was unsure of my ability to present in front of people. At the start of the year we only had small groups to present to, maybe three or four students and our lecturer. However, as the course progressed, the groups became bigger, eventually resulting in me presenting in front of the entire class.
I have found this has become a useful skill to have developed, and the support given to me by both my friends and lecturers has improved my ability to present my current projects in front of the team at work, as well as the clients, with confidence.
After starting the HNC I got a job working part-time as a programmer for the NHS, and kept that going through the entire course. This allowed me to get experience of working in a professional environment whilst also studying towards the qualification. After completing the programme I was able to gain full time employment as a developer with the same employer.
I enjoy what I do now and the team I work with is very friendly. In the future I’d like to work more with Virtual and Augmented Reality and maybe start my own business. I have also considered the possibility of completing the final year at university to turn my HND into a degree. However, I decided that having the experience is better than continuing down the education route, although it is still a possibility for me in the future.
After completing the HND and graduating with a Distinction overall, I am certain this was the right choice for me. I believe I have been able to accomplish more with the support from staff at the College and my fellow students, than I would have if I found an apprenticeship. For this I would like to thank the staff of the Heart of Worcestershire College’s Computing department along with all of the friends I made during the course who helped support me through the course.
If you’re thinking about starting a Higher National qualification, I suggest that you take the course seriously from the start, as it will help you to successfully achieve what you want from it. Although it’s not just about the course; you are studying alongside likeminded people so it’s important to get to know them as well.
Your peers may be able to support you through any issues you may have during the course and even afterwards, as you will all be experiencing the same. Having people you can talk to is one of the most important things you can get from completing the course.
Another tip is to know your lecturers are there to help you through the course and if there are any issues you may have, they will always listen and try to help.



APECS-SG Core Founders



Vic has over 30 years of broad-based experience in senior management, education and training; and was the head of training in multinationals such as AT&T, Compaq Computer Corp and Lucent Technology Inc.

His expertise ranges from training design, development and delivery of diplomas, bachelor and master degrees and managing tertiary education institutions in Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, and the U.S.A.

He has master degrees in Business Administration, and Educational Leadership.



Eric has over 20 years in the education and training industry.

He has taught in many schools and colleges in Singapore, China, Vietnam and Malaysia for over 20 years and conducted many soft skills training for multinational corporations such as Johnson Controls, Gameloft, Thompson, Nike, Bosch, and Capitaland,

Eric holds an MBA, MPA, Post Graduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor in Business.



Andrew has more than ten years of sales and business development experience in various industries before he joined the education industry.

He was the academic director of an international private college in Vietnam, and has been teaching at various tertiary institutions in Vietnam, China and Singapore for more than ten years.

Andrew has an MBA, a BA in Communication, and an Advanced Cert. in Training and Assessment.


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