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OUR VISION: The European International University, EIU-Paris, envisions to become a household name for affordable, yet high quality international tertiary education, worldwide. This is accomplished through our existing and new local partners, who advocate for, and advance our presence in different parts of the world, while preserving local contexts, dynamics and learning needs and styles. We also intend to be the world's renown force behind promoting the blockchain technology and its role in the provision of enhanced digital learning experiences for our current and future students.

OUR MISSION: The European International University, EIU-Paris, intends to provide accessible and affordable education delivered through a flexible, competency-based online learning environment to support student development of a lifelong learning mindset, adaptability essential for future successes, and meaningful application of knowledge in industry-focused contexts.


                                      COMPETENCY & MASTERY

Our overall approach to learning and assessment is INDUSTRY-FOCUSED, and COMPETENCY-BASED, where the attention is given to identifying key skills / knowledge gaps and assisting learners to build their mastery of the much required, specific job-related skills or knowledge.


Our delivery methodology is characterized by technology-driven HANDS-ON WORKSHOP format, engaging EVERY learner through MEANINGFUL LEARNING experiences, connecting academic concepts with real-life elements, in-line with industry requirements. Learners gain mastery over specific competency skill-sets through problem-based approaches utilized in learning and assessment materials found on our EIU – LMS (Learning Management System).


Our team of curriculum writers and assessment creators are INDUSTRY SPECIALISTS, and not typical college/university professors. Their expertise comes from the industry, and they deliver sessions (online or face-to-face) from their professional experience base. Apart from being subject-specific specialists, they are TRAINED TO TRAIN other professionals.


Upon successful completion of all the requirements of our higher education programmes, our learners would receive NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED and INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED university qualifications


All our programmes and services are INTERNATIONALLY BENCHMARKED through the audit and quality assurance processes, carried out by both the Ministry of Higher Education, France, as well as our international accreditors, on a regular basis.



The Practitioner’s Doctorate degree programme i.e. DOCTOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (DBA) offered at the European International University (EIU-Paris), is aimed at further enhancing professionals in specific vocational fields, namely business administration and management. Since the Practitioner’s Doctorate programme is undertaken by professionals working in specific vocational sectors, the programme focus on, and revolve around real-life issues, challenges, and problems that impact workplace dynamics, interactions and performance. Action research carried out by EIU-Paris’ doctorate students are aimed at solving some of these real-life issues and challenges, along with contributing to the existing body of knowledge and scholarly theories in  the field of management, business administration, and organizational leadership for the 21st Century and beyond. 


A DBA degree is widely respected and acknowledged practitioner’s doctorate in Business Administration. It is designed to challenge the practical knowledge that experienced professionals have acquired through their existing career in business, management, or leadership. In addition, the degree would help professionals to develop new skills through crucial academic research. As a result, these newly developed skills help an individual take their career to the highest level, preparing them for important decision making and analyses required for top-level leadership positions.  

Throughout the D.B.A. programme, candidates are given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in strategic planning and advanced decision making. This might involve conducting complex analyses within their workplace environment to deepen their knowledge of their vocational sector as a whole. Professionals undertaking the D.B.A. programme would develop new theories that focus on improving current workplace practices, with the intention of making a positive contribution to real-world sector specific problems and challenges. 


  • Highest level of problem solving and research skills
  • Increased prospects for international employability
  • Diversification of career paths


1. Be likely to meet the required standards for a Doctorate degree.

2. At least 5 years of working experience in the managerial position.

3. Show evidence of research skills equivalent to those expected of a traditional Doctoral student in the relevant discipline.

4. Submit a completed application form together with:

a) Statement of intent

b) All previous education qualification documents

c) One passport size photo (in formal attire)

d) Passport copy (photo page) and/or copy of National ID card

e) Full C.V. including all research outputs (include evidence of a unifying theme across the publications/outputs and originality)

 f) 2-3 references from previous employers.

5. Enroll in the first module and submit the above mentioned documents through the 'INSTITUTION VERIFICATION' Tab in your dashboard.

6. Receive the 'Acceptance letter from EIU, Paris' in your dashboard.

7. Start the programme and continue learning, successfully completing all the modules.


DBA  programme consists of 5 modules including Doctorate Thesis submission ($400 per module). Start the course by enrolling in the 1st module i.e. RBL810 listed in the ‘Courses for this degree’ area in the landing page of DOCTOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (DBA).  Finish the degree programme by completing all the 5 modules including FINAL THESIS SUBMISSION. 

Interested students can mail: to discuss the requirements, specialization  and also speak to the academic coordinator before applying.

DURATION:  A minimum of 2 years


 To receive the  Doctorate Degree in Business administration : 100% completion of all modules, including self-improvement quiz and  assignments submission therein is required to successfully complete DBA programme (highest level of academic excellence) from European International University, Paris 



  •       Submit stand-alone, and/or compilation of research-based-written-work (minimum 30,000 words and maximum 35,000 words).

  •        Defend the submission (scholarly work in the form of research paper, previous publication or portfolio) in front of a panel of expertise consisting of both internal and external examiners from EIU (oral examination). *Note: Could be completed virtually.

     ·       Demonstrate that the scholar has thoroughly and critically investigated specific area of research and made an independent and original contribution to the existing body of knowledge as well as professional practice.


The nominated supervisor will act in a similar role to that of a supervisor for a standard Doctorate Project, but with more emphasis on being a mentor to the candidate. They will act as a source of support and guidance during the preparation of the research material for examination (oral defense) and for administration of the examination (oral defense) process. The supervisor will:

·         Guide the candidate in the final selection of publications for inclusion in the submission;

·         Support and advise on the development of the introductory section;

·         Guide the candidate in relation to the coherence of the body of work to be submitted;

·         Advise the candidate in relation to any research training requirements:

·         Make arrangements for the examination (oral defense), including nomination of the examining team;

·         Support the candidate through the examination (oral defense) process.


The Examiners’ Main Tasks may be Interpreted as to:

·         Evaluate the intellectual merit of the candidate’s cited published and/or creative work;

·         Establish if a satisfactory case is made for coherence between the publications/outputs;

·         Assess the contribution to knowledge represented by the publications/portfolio and made apparent in any critical appraisal;

·         Evaluate the rigor with which the candidate has contextualised and analysed his/her publications/portfolio in any critical appraisal;

·         Evaluate the appropriateness of the methods employed in the research and the correctness of their application;

·         Assess the candidate’s contribution to the various phases of the research embodied in multi‐ authored works;

·         Establish the candidate’s ‘ownership’ of the published work and appreciation of the state of [historical and current] knowledge within the candidate’s research area;

·         Assess the candidate’s research skills in terms of his/her potential as a continuing, independent researcher.


The DBA through Research / Thesis is suitable for candidates who have not had any previous extensive scholarly research and thesis writing background. This route is also the only route possible for those who haven’t published any scholarly work in the past. It also ensures the mastery of key skills and mindset required in the planning and execution of a full-fledged doctorate level research, along with empirical data collection, data analysis, and presentation of evidence-based recommendations for real-life improvements at workplace.

DBA programme by EIU, Paris consists of 5 modules ($400 per module) which is as follows:

Module-1   RBL810   Research Methodology: Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses (30 ECTS)Candidates start off with a module in research methodology, involving both quantitate and qualitative approaches, work on producing a written research proposal, and then proceed to carrying out a full action research and concluding it with a written doctorate thesis of no less than 30,000 words, under the guidance and coaching of an expert supervisor, duly appointed by the university’s academic administration team.

Module-2  RBL820  Scholarly Conference / Seminar I (15 ECTS) and Module-3  RBL830  Scholarly Conference / Seminar II (15 ECTS)During the duration of the study, candidates are also expected to attend and/or present two scholarly papers, related to their field of research, in national or international conference or seminar of their choice.

Module-4  VIVA920 Viva Voce (30 ECTS): A viva voce is conducted at the end of the thesis writing and submission, where candidates face the scrutiny and evaluation of at least 3 external senior examiners. Candidates are required to present their research work during the viva voce, and defend their thesis by answering questions posed by the 3 external senior examiners.

Module-5  DSSR980  Doctorate Thesis (90 ECTS)This module requires the candidate to submit the final Doctorate thesis.

Careers D.B.A. graduates can go in to are varied. They include, but are not limited to:

·         Research & Data Analyst

·         Consultant / Professional Coach for personal, professional and organizational clients

·         Academia - adjunct professorship / dean of business management programmes at postsecondary higher learning institutions / research advisor & supervisor

·         Government Bodies / Research & Development in Government Sectors

·        Entrepreneurship - Setting up one's own company / consultancy

The Pedagog Platform is an educators created and managed e-learning & business Studies platform which brings revolution in the global education industry targeting all segments and age groups of students including from professional skills based courses to degrees.


The European International University (EIU-Paris), is a private higher education establishment authorized by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, in accordance to and in compliance with the French Education Act: Code de l’Education Articles L 444-1 to 444-11 and R 444-1 to 444-28.

EIU-Paris is also internationally accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). EIU is accredited with Premier University status by ASIC, UK, since 2nd October 2018. ASIC is recognized by UKVI in the UK, is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in the USA and is listed in their International Directory. It is also a member of the British Quality Foundation (BQF), an affiliate of European Network for Quality Assurance (ENQA) and an institutional member of European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN).

EIU-Paris has also obtained accreditation candidacy status, and is currently pursuing programmatic accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), United States. The European International University is further audited and quality assured, as well as ranked, by internationally acclaimed bodies such as QS, ACBSP, ECBE, BGA, ATHEA, and CEOWORLD Magazine.

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