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Giulianna Martire

My classes focus on: - having fun, whilst learning Italian in a structured & effective way - giving students undivided attention, so groups are limited to a small number of participants - conversation, role plays & a lot of interaction, to build confidence in speaking the language as soon as you start your Italian journey! - adult students, who wish to learn or improve their Italian for leisure, holidays, business, or academic reasons This course is open to adults, anywhere in the world (we will try and be as flexible as we can be, depending on time difference), who enjoy learning Italian and finding out about Italians, Italy and its traditions. Min. recommended number of hours per week: two. 1h and 1.5h lessons per week are also available. Fee: $17.81 (1hr) $22 (1.5hr). Discounts available for multiple sessions. Details of course book to purchase will be provided upon registration.


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European International University

A vocational doctoral certificate programme provides career-specific advancement opportunities to executives and professionals who often perceive academic doctorate studies as something out-of-reach and beyond their intellectual capacity. It allows them to pursue such high-level scholarly activities by leveraging on their existing job-related expertise and experience, hence removing the fear of dropping out without successful completion. Needless to say, a vocational doctoral certificate programme is both cost-effective as well as time-saving. Since research for vocational doctorate programme is situated within the context of the adult student’s own job role and functions, it is no surprise that the level of motivation throughout the study duration is optimal. In keeping with the spirit of EIU to innovate new paradigms in personal and professional development, and for the first time ever in the history of mankind, we are proud to launch our unique vocational doctorate degree programmes.


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