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European International University

The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) programme will help you to develop 21st-century practical knowledge of the corporate world. This degree will enable you to make effective managerial decisions and to successfully communicate with others. You will acquire knowledge in subjects such as business management, information technology, and finance and accounting, equipping you with the necessary tools to possibly obtain a position in any industry.


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Giulianna Martire

My classes focus on: - having fun, whilst learning Italian in a structured and effective way - giving students undivided attention, so groups are limited to a small number of participants for each class - conversation, role plays and a lot of interaction, so as to build your confidence in speaking the language as soon as you start your Italian journey! - adult students, who wish to learn or improve their Italian for leisure, holidays, business, or academic reasons This course is open to adults who enjoy learning Italian and finding out about Italians, Italy and its traditions. Min. recommended number of hours per week: two. 1h and 1.5h lessons per week are also available. Course fee: 20.00 USD approx. for one hour session. Discounts available for bookings of multiple sessions. Details of course book to purchase will be provided upon registration.


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